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Aug 29, 2022
Coach for 8 years, always wrote my own cheers and this year I am struggling with inspiration. Competing at my alma mater with my youth team has a lot of pressure. Looking for a cheer that references our winning tradition/history. I'd love to use "legacy" as the competition is in memory of my coach that passed. Music is Eminem so the cheer has to have a little "slap you in the face" vibe. I hate what I have so far. It just doesn't sit well. Please help.
B team is back and better than before

The Red Black White, rocking the floor

Stronger than ever, we’ll show you how it’s done

Challenging our rivals, to show we’re number one

We’re stepping up, so step aside

Coming with that RJ Pride

What competitions are you attending? This will help determine the style your cheer should be in.