Need Your Prayers And Support Again!

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Mar 24, 2010
Hello All,

A year ago I asked you all to pray for Joely Ramo. She is the 8 year old daughter of a work colleague of mine, as well as the cousin of a young lady my daughter cheered with at Top Gun.

Joely was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and has spent the past year in New York at the Ronald McDonald House/Sloan Kettering battling this awful disease. She was fortunate enough that one of her brothers was a bone marrow match.

She just came home this past weekend to Florida to finally rejoin her family and start at her new school. She was so excited to ride the bus and be a "normal" kid again.

Unfortunately less than a few days into the new school year and Joely's mom noticed bruises on her leg again. She thought she might just be (or was hoping) an overreacting mom and took her to the doctor. They ran some tests and unfortunately her platelet count had dropped to 30. They did a recheck the next day and it dropped even further to 15. As a result Joely has been admitted to a local Children's Hospital where she is being treated.

Needless to say but Joely is devastated. Did not want to go back into the hospital and just wants to go to school.

Please pray for her and her family.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers.
She's in my prayers. We can never take for granted the regular everyday things. I thank God every day that my children are healthy. Be strong Joely!
I am praying for this family and this child:( All to often we take for granted our blessings....get well soon baby!!!
From one with a younger sister, Joely and her family are in my prayers.