High School New Band Dances Every Year?

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May 15, 2011
I'm a sophomore this year and my coach thinks that we should change our band dances every year. We keep the same fight song, but get 4 new dances. It's also around when we start learning our competition routine, so it's really stressful. Do you think you should get new ones every year, or keep the same ones?
I think that if the dances are really popular, you should keep them. We have one that everyone loves and the crowd would be like do that dance again! It could be nice to do one or two new ones but keep the ones that are really great.
We get one new one each year just to shake things up! The crowd loves it and it keepd things from being same old same old! But i totally understandthe stress because were doing the same thing!
We never do band dances, our dance team does them....
We keep the same/ add new ones. We have the fight song and 8 band dances. Personally, I like the band dances.
Same here. I dont think we used ours one time last year. Dance team does everything like that
I'm glad our dance team does it all. The only thing we ever have to do is tue fight song, maybe 2 times a year.
We have a bunch of the same ones every year and then 1 or 2 new ones a year. We keep the same fight song though. And we do it at the beginning of every football game and at every touchdown.
I think adding 1 new one is good, keep things fresh. I like the tradition of knowing I could go back to my college team and join right in! Alumni cheerleaders come back for the homecoming game and get to cheer the first half on the field with the current team. It's so cool to see people from 18-60s doing the same cheers/dances. It's also pretty badass to see us oldies stunting! :)