All-Star ⭐️ NEWS: WASF executive director steps down, theme reveals & Top Gun is bringing back this team...

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Sep 12, 2020
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The World Allstar Federation’s executive director steps down​

Some context to understand what we’re talking about:

Back in May last year, a new independent organization called the “World Allstar Federation“ was announced. Here’s some of what we wrote about it in the newsletter:

“A new organization, called the "World Allstar Federation" has been announced. The federation is an independent organization and does not seem affiliated with the USASF/IASF or Varsity in any way.
In their first announcement, they wrote:
We haven't entered into this lightly. The World Allstar Federation will ensure our industry does better, keeps getting better, and provides options for gym owners, coaches, athletes, and fans. We cannot sit back and be silent anymore. We will not forget the power we have as a community. We must find our voices and work together to help this industry become everything it was meant to be.
You can read the full announcement here.”

Then, in July last year, we talked about their new executive director and why it was an *interesting* situation: Will Non-Tumbling divisions change name? 🧐

Now, here's the news…

The executive director is now stepping down from his role, which was announced on Facebook:


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