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Apr 19, 2022
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I currently own a Gymnastics Academy and want to start an All star cheer program . We do not have any in our area ( within an hour). I did high school Competition Cheer and competition gymnastics but never allstar cheer. I know since I personally have not been involved with all star cheer I have a lot to learn . I'm wanting to know the best way to get the education on the All star program and where to start . Any ideas on where to begin ? Suggestions on what to offer when starting small( divisions/levles) ?
Also , has anyone attended USASF National Meeting ? If so , was it worth it ?
Thank you in advance !

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Mar 23, 2010
I would familiarize yourself with the age grid and rules. That will give you a starting point on teams that you are going to be able to create. You aren't going to know what teams you can offer until you have tryouts.

Start by putting together what will be your handbook. How much is your tuition going to be? How often will your teams practice and will you include tumbling in your cost? How much will your uniforms cost, and will you require practice wear? What competitions are you interested in attending, and how far will you travel? Will you do any overnight competitions? That's the very beginning of what your potential parents are going to want to know.

I know lots of people that have attended USASF meetings, varsity meetings etc. You get out of it what you put in. A lot of them have great workshops and classes that may be worth your while.
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