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i'm a little behind now so... WSF was great even tho i got snowed in there it ended up being really fun. until we drive home i was exhausted.. and GT werked me out so bad..
this weekend we have the xtreme spirit kalahari nationals- i love having one practice inbetween competitions it's the bestest...
also wth happened to all my shimmies???

i leave for.. however long i left for and now i have 0.. =-[[ </3
Shimmies went away when King switched boards :( and I think you have to re-ask to be in the 18+. Good luck at your competition this weekend though!
I just realized the creeper function is back on. If you click on someone's avatar you can see what they "were last seen doing"
I just realized the creeper function is back on. If you click on someone's avatar you can see what they "were last seen doing"
You were last seen 9 minutes ago :confused: what've you been doing since then, huh?!
Soo I'm on the boards at school!! I feel like a rebel even though I'm not in class and I'm at the bus loop waiting for my boyfriend :p Practice was cancelled yesterday because of the cold ):

Now I'm in the hallway :) I love having an iPhone :p
It's snowing outside! :D Perfect day for catching up on Christmas wrapping, unpacking from school, and baking cookies!! I'm sure it's not snowing everywhere..but safe travels for those of you who will be traveling in snow! After 5min of snowing here in VA, the roads are horrible!!
Thanks!! Also no shimmies makes me sad. I guess I better get posting. I'm watching Disney channel right now and there's these 2 really day squirrels outside my deck on a tree fighting. It's quite entertaining. Practice should be fun tonight. Full out full out and... Full out. Lol. U'm almost the mayor of my gym on foursquare! Yess.
I should just chec-in to all my favorite gyms and be mayor. That sounds good.
So I'm heading home from school and my neighbor has the heat up in her car really high and ita bothering me because we don't need it because we live in Florida and even though it was freezing the other days it's now warm and I actually had to take my jacket off!! Also, I need ideas about what to get my boyfriend for christmas. For his birthday (December 6) I got him this nice Nautica watch and he loves it and wears it everyday. I was thinking of making him a photo album but I don't know I'd that's too girly or too like, clingy. I don't wanna be that clingy girlfriend that he gets annoyed with. Guys are so hard to shop for..
everyone on facebook is posting how great the did this semester and what their gpa is and I don't even know how to find out -_- haha