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Apr 13, 2010
Hi there. I am coaching a brand new team to a small club called ICE Allstars. They are a junior level 3 team, and they are all girls. I would love some help with voiceovers (last year we had one in the seniors music "Sugar and Spice, and Everything ICE...", so something along those lines) and some songs... nothing too current but not overused oldschool. Thanks so much :)
I'm not very original but..

Who ya callin' ICE?
You can't beat these girls from I-C-E
Think we're nice? Think again, we're ICE
We beat you once, we'll beat you twice, we're those junior girls from ICE
When ICE takes the floor, we'll leave you wanting more

I-C-E, everybody wanna be like me
I-C-E, you can't beat me

(I feel like those last two might be similar to a voiceover in ICE's music)