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May 26, 2011
So've spent this weekend completely wrapped up in the constant Bring It On Marathons. & it makes me think about all the ridiculous stereotypes cheerleading has, I just laugh at them.
I'm sure you know what I'm talking about...

I know I alwayssssss get the question, "so you cheer. is it like Bring It On and you randomly have cheer offs and stuff?" uhmm, no. that's just a movie. it is NOTHING like that. Unless they see it,
they don't/ can't understand it.

Has this happened to youu?
that actually happened to me on friday, my friend kaitlyn asked me if cheer music was just like the kind you listen to on bring it on "peppy and happy".. I said the sound effects are similar, but the voiceovers get more intense each cheer season!
I've said this before on here but it never ceases to make me laugh, so I'll say it again. When we first moved here, and my daughter got on the team at her school she was the only girl on her team to ever do allstars. This was only the second year her school even had she ended up teaching them some basic stunting (the most they'd worked on before we came here was a thigh stand). They kept describing a stunt to her that they wanted to learn from "the video". Well, bless my sweet naive little child's heart, she assumed they meant some kind of cheer training video they'd ordered. :rolleyes:Finally in exasperation because she couldn't figure out what stunt they were describing she says "Can I see this video so I can see what you're talking about???" You guessed it: the roller coaster stunt from Bring it On 3 (I think it's's the camp one with the girl from MIOBI)

LOL when i came home from work that night I said something like "Why are there dishes in the living room?" and my daughter says "<sigh> I don't know...I'll clean them up. But speaking of WHY, why does my squad think Bring it On is a documentary???":D
Nothing like a Bring It On routine to make you cringe..I've posted this on othe threads but how can they do such good stuff, and then struggle with basic stuff? I saw the worst kick single/double baskets I've ever seen, but then they're doing 3 high pyramids. And don't even get me started on their motions..:banghead:
The other day i suggested cheer music to my friend, her response... "isn't it like bring it on music? you know like elevator music mixed together?":eek:... she was real surprised when i turned on some gymtyme, f5, and senior elite.:)
or like how some of characters on bring it on act & no one is really that rude to another team
"look it's hip hop barbie and her Wu-Tang clan!"
I say the first one was the best one or the "truest" about all-star cheer, but the rest of them, the drama is far to exagerated.I think i only watch them because some of the stuff they do is so ridiculous it makes me laugh. I think they need to make the routines a little more organized! soemtimes the routines are like 10mins long with a 5min dance section....
I get asked all the time if it's like bring it on. But then those same stupid people say "I bet you hate hearing that" when they compare cheerleading to bring it on. yes!! I hate hearing that!! So stop comparing it to cheerleading! It's like bring it on caused a stereotype of its own to cheerleading. Because after someone compares it to bring it on, the statement always comes...cheerleading isn't a sport. For real? you just had to ask me if my sport was like a movie, so you clearly don't know enough about it to declare it a sport or not. ughhh
This thread is so funny cause I had one those movies on for hot second last night...I'm not sure which one it was because I only offically recognize the original but it was near the end. During the movie one team just came on the mat while the other team was performing and kind of forced that team off that mat, knocking their pyramid over and taking over the performance...:rolleyes: My daughter was like can that really happen??? LOL!!
The first one was so awesome because it was serious, yet teasing. It was blatantly over-emphasizing stereotypes for a laugh yet could make you empathize with the girls struggle and their love of the sport/the effort they put in to be the best. I've only seen part of the second one, but the remaining ones tried so hard to make you like the characters that you end up hating EVERYONE. Cheesy writing, unrealistic story lines or plot devices (Yeah, Christina Milan or whatever your name is, your squad was SOO close to being an all-star squad, except so can a group of 5 year old girls and the rules are organized COMPLETELY different. SURE you can.. :rolleyes:). Also notice how NONE of these girls have coaches/supervisors? Who just orders a bus for a bunch of girls without an adult present, especially when they're traveling long distances. (like in the 4th) can't go to the BLOCK PARTY unsupervised without getting crunk, you're expecting me to believe you're going to throw a bunch of kids with only a driver for supervision on a road trip and not be worried?
I just wish, out of the million Bring It On movies they made, that they had made just ONE that was actually true to high school or allstar cheerleading. Yes I know, they need to keep the entertainment factor but people who know nothing about cheerleading tend to assume that the Bring It On movies are exactly like the sport. As we all know this is far from reality. I just wish they had made at least one that stayed true to the sport without all the added drama, illegal stunts, and so on. The first one was by far my favorite because, while it wasnt exactly like high school cheerleading, it was much closer than all the other ones and it was enjoyable. Once the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and whatever movies came out it seems that the "fakeness" and overexggerated drama and such was the focus instead of the sport.