All-Star Orlando All Stars Royals Vs. Epic Onyx

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the season hasn't even started yet and no one has seen either team so how would we possibly know? Also, I see that you are new so just an FYI, people on the boards are not fond of people starting threads to fish for compliments about their own team.
r-o-y, a-l-s bow down pesants were the best! Royals came to take the crown, kings and queens show me how you work it out! Epic visits where we livin, they're amazed but we done did it :-P
just for fun nothing against either team!
You are quite obviously affiliated with one of these teams which means you are searching for a certain answer. Often threads like these turn into fights defending their own team. It never ever ever ends well.
Counting your chickens before they are hatched allow the Karma Queen to come into play.

Go out there and have a great season, do you thing and let just judges decide not the boards...
Fishing for compliments doesn't look good on anyone. Also before you can beat each other you both have to get to worlds first. Goodluck to both teams.
As a former member of Orlando, i feel like Brian would highly dissaprove of something like this. Not trying to be mean, just saying this isnt what OA is about