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Jun 9, 2011
Where i live we have many allstar gyms within an hour of my gym, also many strictly tumbling places...

We have a few kids leaving to go to this other gym. 2 of them talked to the owner and coaches and left right after the season was over. Im still really good friends with them both and talk to them almost daily. Well then we have one girl who also is leaving to go to the same gym as the other 2 girls. This girl was placed on a team was practicing at my gym while shes on a team at this other gym. Her mom sat in the parent viewing area and tried getting 3 other families to go to this gym with her... One of these people being her daughters best friend!!!!!!!! So now the best friend is considering leaving so she could be with her bestfriend that originally introduced her to cheerleading. And to top it off the girl whose parent is trying to get others has been at the gym for so many years since her daughter was on tinys!!!!

What would you gym do in this case????
- also i would like it to be known i understand you have to leave gyms for different reasons (i have been to 3 in the last 12 years i have been cheering) but i dont agree with trying to get people to leave with you and doing it so publically knowing it will get back to the owner.