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Jan 28, 2011
  • Turn Off The Lights - Kayne West
  • I Like That - Richard Vission
  • Girls - Beyonce
  • DJ Got Us Falling in Love - Usher
  • Only Girl - Rihanna
  • Moment For Life - Nicki Minaj (No Im Not Lucky Im Blessed, Yes!)
  • More - Usher
What songs can you think of?
I don't listen to the radio only my ipod but from listening to competition mixes this past season it seemed like EVERYONE used Backstreet boys Larger than life. Along with Gforce, Hold it against me.
Lady Gaga - Edge of Glory! Don't use it the normal way, if ya gonna venture to this track! Most anticipated over played track of 2011-2012. IMO
Vanity by Christina Aguilera.
Fiercekatz did their jump sequence to it, and everyone else just used bits and pieces.
Loved it, but it got old. :/