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Dec 21, 2010
Well, I over think before I tumble then I don't pull it. My coach tells me, "Stop over thinking!", but honestly I don't know how. I've been this way for a long time!
What I want to know is: Does anyone else have this problem? How do I stop over thinking?
Also, what are some relaxation methods do you use when you're frustrated with a skill? I've tried so many things, but they're not really working..
Please help! and please don't tell me to go to because I have a bunch of times and I am getting advice with my tumbling from there already :p
hhahahaaha you are just like me they always tell me to just feel it and stop over thinking
i always just try to take a deep breathe before i go. then i always tell myself that i am going to land the pass, to get that in my head. then i just clear my mind and don't think of anything! then i go for it! :D
maybe just try taking a deep breathe before you go, encouraging yourself, then just clear your mind, hope that helps:)
This is so dumb but this is what I do with my kids that over think. I make them run and kiss the wall that is farthest away from them run back and then throw the tumbling right then. I give them no time to think just kiss and throw the tumbling. They always looked so confused when i do this and a little embarrassed that they totally stop thinking about there tumbling. It has produced good result for my mental blockers. hope this helps
I used to have the same problem! What helps for me is... as soon as I get in the corner or wherever i'm tumbling, I go right then. I don't do a little drill (like full drill marking your spin or tuck etc), don't at all. I get over there, and turn around and go. Your body knows how to perform the skill, your mind is just siking you out. Commit completely to the skill, as if not doing it is not* an option & don't even let that idea come into your mind.
You could try thinking something completely repeating the name of a flower or your name or pie or something..
before i go i close my eyes and just breathe. it calms me and lets me focus on the skill im about to do.
before i go i close my eyes and just breathe. it calms me and lets me focus on the skill im about to do.
I try to clear my mind of other outside thins and just think that your going to do well, and use positive thinking.
I think he means stop thinking about the things that could go wrong or negative thoughts.
I have had this issue when it comes to tumbling and stunting for as long as I can remember. My coach too is always telling me to "get out of my head." I find its easiest to occupy yourself with something else until you are completely ready to go for your line. Try not to stand in the corner of the mat for too long. It helped me even when I was no longer getting spot for my line to have a coach be around and as soon as I stepped into the corner of the mat count down "3,2,1, go." If by the time they reached "go" I had not gone yet I walked away took a few moments, which usually involved a few deep breathes, visualizing the line, and marking the end skill, and went again. I found that the waiting time in the corner was the worst possible thing and you just stared down where you were headed and thought about what you had to do way too much.
Advice I can give you is to remember that your body has muscle memory so when you go to do a skill, no matter how tired your are or how scared you are or even if you havnt done it in a while, your body will always remember how to do it! Just like riding a bike or swimming your body will never forget!!! The longer you stand in that corner the harder it is to go. Take a deep breath run your hardest and throw that pass like you know how!! Good luck
Also in the post a few above me mentions about thinking about other things, this does work I have a girl that thinks about the strangest things before she tumbles but it really does help!
I have the same problem! I know that I know what to do but I get freaked out. Sometimes I just have to say "I CAN tumble!" lol
As stupid as I sound, I think about a white wall. I just look at the wall, and look at it. And I tumble while thinking about that white wall. After you find something else to think about, stick to it.

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