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Aug 18, 2011
Opened two new gyms this year. Thought I would throw them into the mix of discussion. Here's two of our worlds teams.
Small Level 5 "Fantasy"

Small Coed Level 5 "Mysterious"
I think that PCM will do good this year! You can tell stunting & pyramids are their strong point! But you also have plenty of time to polish the weaker areas. Like for Fantasy: Jumps, baskets, & tumbling I consider the weaker areas (in comparison to their competition)! small senior is such a hard division, there are so many teams!! I LOVE the different skills you are introducing to stunting! Very innovative && creative!
I really really like Fantasy's stunts and their pyramid. And especially their pyramid music! :)
I love PCM, I just wish the tumbling was cleaner, they always seem to have bent legs in their fulls and doubles, don't get me wrong they get around but I would keep things 'watered down' until they are clean :p