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Dec 15, 2009
Hi Everyone, I have been MIA for a while (summer is boring), and I have just been so busy, but I really could use your help. I feel like I am back in elementary school because I'm doing everyone favorite thing, fund-raising. On November 6th, my sorority, Alpha Phi, will be performing in Kent State's Annual Songfest, which is a 10 minute long performance of of singing, dancing, and a skit. The other part of it is to raise money. This year the money is being donated to Hattie Larlham, which is an organization for developmental disabilities. My sorority only has this week and next week that we are allowed to fund-raise. Our goal for each week is what we raised last year: $3,500 per week, so $7,000 total. We would LOVE to go above and beyond this! Each girl in my sorority is required to donate atleast $20 ourselves personally but we need help from other people. The Kent area gets hit up with donations daily from all the different college clubs, so if you know anyone who would be willing to donate to this cause, could you please pass this along. If anyone you know, or yourself would like to donate, we are taking donations to "Alpha Phi" then writing the check to Hattie Larlham as a large bulk check. This can be written off your taxes, so that's always a nice incentive too. If you are interested in helping, I can give you an address to send a check too, or if you know someone who really likes to support a good cause, please pass this on!

Thank you so much, Love my fierceboard fam