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Jun 17, 2011
Hi all..

my best friends Mom and Dad (my second mom and dad) were jumped and attacked very suddenly the other day... My 2Mom's purse was stolen (which held her creditcards, license, etc.) and they were both beat up pretty bad.... They stole a large amount of cash from my 2Dad's wallet, and my 2Dad was unconscious when the police had found them.

My 2Mom was sprayed with pepper spray, or some other chemical substance (they still aren't sure what it is...) that was sprayed alllll over her body, including her face. She is having major issues seeing out of both of her eyes, and her body is STINGING like crazy.. she says she feels like she's on fire.. she cannot shower because it will open up her pores and the chemical will sink in deeper into her skin.....

she is going to the eye doctors later on for further news, but as of now, the doctors at the hospital said they aren't sure if she will ever fully regain her eyesight...

My 2Dad was/is coughing up blood, and they keep doing CTScans to make sure that there is no internal bleeding... however, they don't know where the blood, that he is coughing up, is coming from... He is remaining in the hospital until further notice.

They have 3 wonderful daughters. Ages are 14, 9, and 4. I am very worried about them... please, please pray for them, and for their family. This is the LAST thing that they needed, and I am very scared for them.....

Please pray for them and send positive, healing thoughts their way.... They are wonderful people, which huge hearts! This family goes to my cheer gym, and their oldest daughter (my best friend) is on my team, and double teams; and her middle child is on a youth team, and their youngest is currently not doing cheer. Please just pray for them, they really need the prayers<3 thanks! xoxo

For the record--My cheer gym is Elite Cheer-Michigan.
this sounds terrible and I am very sorry for this family and these kids. Please keep us updated.
Hi all! Thank you all so much for the prayers! I apologize that I haven't gotten back to you all sooner..
The family is doing okay... they had a scare this past weekend... the mom was believed to have had a MINOR heart attack, but thankfully, they believe it was just a panic attack, after undergoing several tests at the hospital after being directly admitted to the hospital after a doctors appt.
Please continue to pray... she is having some health issues still.. Please pray for the whole family as they work through this. Time is very slowly healing....
Thanks so much! xoxo
God Bless!
Thank you all so much!!!!!!
please continue to pray.
the mom is having some health issues still...
your support and prayers mean the WORLD to me and my friends family.
xoxoxoxo God Bless you all <3

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