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Feb 5, 2011
when a good portion of the newbies hit the "real" board they tend to post a lot of threads that have already been posted or made. kingston (the creator) created a search bar feature. its on the top right, you have to use key words like: TopGun WCSS CEA Senior Elite ACE White Uniforms Hair poofs etc. it pulls up key words, someone may have said it in a post and it shows up and tags it which is very helpful or there may already be another thread about it and you dont have to go posting and waiting for a response. its a very simple and wonderful feature that can help you not get so easily criticized in the main boards. and belive me you will get criticized.

also other advice take what people say on here with a grain of salt. a lot of it is sarcasm and it doesnt come off that way but it really and truly is. if there is any questions you can personal message me or any of the admins or any popular poster on the Fierceboards. ( if you dont know how to message click my name and then there will be a button called start a convo and click that and your all set)

Happy Fierceboarding!