All-Star Poll: Hotel Stays For Out Of Town Competitions

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Hotel Stay for Out of Town Comps

  • Required same hotel for everyone

    Votes: 12 19.7%
  • Stay anywhere you want

    Votes: 14 23.0%
  • Encouraged to stay at same hotel, but not mandatory

    Votes: 35 57.4%

  • Total voters
Jul 29, 2010
Out of curiosity, goes your gym require you to all stay in the same hotel when going to out of town competitions, or is up to you where to stay?
my gym encourages it but it's not mandatory. our coaches find a hotel & get a block of rooms & everyone who wants to stay there just makes the reservation under our block but if you stay at another hotel that's fine too. the majority stay at the team hotel though because we'll all go out to dinner, stunt in the pool, & just hanging out with everyone.
We don't require anyone to stay anywhere, but some of the higher-level teams get together on their own and organize where they're going to stay and get a group discount. That's something the parents do, though, not the coaches.
for all of the out of town competitions we are required to stay in one hotel except when we go to myrtle beach because it is the weekend for the beginning of spring break so we can stay where ever we want.
It varies for us. For some competitions, like Jamfest, the team travels together and stays in the same hotel. For other out-of-town competitions, we're asked to travel on our own and find our own hotel.
we had to stay at the same hotel just in case our coaches wanted to us to practice, and so we wouldnt get distracted from what we came to do
Its not required that we all stay at the same hotel but most of us do because its great team bonding for our girls and parents:)

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