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Nov 9, 2010
I don't know if i'm the only one.. but i love watching promo videos so much! does anyone have any good ones to share? :)
I do not go to Platinum Athletics... but here is their promo video for tryouts next year! @Rudags @OMGitsMELANIE

That gym has so much talent!
omg thank you SO much for posting this video!! i get choked up every time i watch it... which has been like 23987436 times haha. kyle also posted a "journey" video focused on the small limited coed 5 team
This is our promo video:

And this one is just our guys fooling around (one of the few times, the gymnasts let us use their gym, we usually don't have spring floor). ;)

Oh one more thing... just wanted to share the trailer to our brand new movie with you. I'm so excited, we finally managed to add english subtitles! :D