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Cheer Parent
Nov 3, 2010
How would you like this handled?
MomA has spoken with you regarding a coach and some situations that have happened over the course of the season they are not thrilled about. You have said you are aware and others have also commented on the same issues and you will speak with/deal with the situation. The season is now over tryouts are happening and the same situation - just new and different ways is still happening. MomA has heard from mulitple other moms who have either already said something or are too afraid Suzie will be penalized if they say something that similar comments are being said to their athletes.

Do you A) want the parents to now just be patient and let you deal with it or B) want to hear from them again that this situation is still happening?
I want to know. If I have already spoken to this coach and I have numerous examples of how and when this is happening, I need to know. This gym is clearly not a good fit for this coach and they are quite possibly pushing some of my athletes away.
B. If there is an issue with a coach that is being inappropriate we want to know about it. Most likely we've had a conversation with the coach, audited the practices etc. Maybe they cleaned up their act for a while and so we felt the issue was over. Sometimes people revert back to old habits and when that happens we want to know about it. Of course, we'd appreciate a calm, rational, private discussion that doesn't become the talk of the lobby. We'd also like concrete examples that happened specifically to your child and not rumors from the lobby about what so and so said to so and so. We may ask you to sit down with the coach (and us) to discuss the issue in person in hopes of resolving it - don't shy away from this conversation. Remember, you have every right to advocate for your child. Coaches are 99% in this sport because they LOVE kids and would not knowingly do something to harm them - hearing it first hand from you is the most powerful thing that can happen and should stop the behavior dead in its tracks.

Good luck with it all.