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Jan 2, 2011
Whats your favorite opening of music for cheer teams?

I love....

Hot cheer sm sr 5: Its so awesome its just all "HOT CHEER" haha i love it.

Top Gun I5- feel the wrath of gold and black, knock you down to the ground, now its time to take my crown. ( :

Cali sm sr 5- California ! this is the name the wants the game


F5- welcome back ladies, DONT GET IT TWISTEDDD, we've been here for years <33333333
Yeah, were back and you know that we were with it, here's to number 7 if you wanna be specific. It's your fan favorite hawaii pacific.
ECE Fame - how fly can you get, when your this legit? FAME never quits!

Cheer Extreme Youth Elite - if your wearing teal, bend and snap!

UA Prodigy - We are your family! Prodigy lets go, Prodigy lets go, lets go, (not sure what it says) we are your family in town, no way to bow down? i have no clue but i like the way it sounds, haha.

Woodlands Elite Colonels - If theres one thing we love more than trophies, its all you haters, so keep on hating!

I love these ones! :D
Introducing FALKIRK FUSION and then a VoiceOver of *HUGHHHHH* or something. It sounded really cool and at practice we would all join in this the HUGH bit :L <3
Not open for further replies.