All-Star Rewinds.

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Two handed toss I am strictly speaking the most basic rewind you can do. A beginners rewind.
Well for the flier it's not too complicated, as with almost every stunt I always tell the flier 2 things: 1.Jump, 2.Stand & Squeeze lol. The only difference for a rewind is that she flips. I would recommend using a flier that has a solid, high standing back tuck. Basically for them it's like they're being spotted on a tuck, so jump and set, wait for the pop from the base, tuck, and then open up and stand as stiff and steady as possible just as they would do any other stunt. Because you're teaching this from the beginning it would be easiest for the flier to hit target in a cupie since all they have to do is stand with their feet squeezing as tightly together as possible.

Basing - Well from the start, since it's a 2 handed stunt it's easier to start, you want to set for the stunt, dip and start the toss all the same as you usually do. But this time as you're finishing your toss, right about when the flier starts to tuck, you want to assist in the flip by tilting them onto their back, also allowing you to really toss them into the air giving the stunt the necessary gap and time for the flier to finish rotation and open up. So in the toss you want to get underneath the flier for 2 reasons: 1.Help toss higher, 2.Help rotate. As in any stunt where you catch the fliers feet you want to watch the feet and follow them into the stunt, catching a bit early to stop rotation and to make sure you have the feet so the flier does not come down. If the base is also learning this for the first time I recommend catching one hand cupie and using the other to stabilize the stunt instead of not using it at all.

Hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to ask.

I'm posting a video after this post for visual reference.