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Jan 31, 2011
Hilda McDaniel, a cheer legend, and the woman credited with the founding of the first Allstar squad has passed away this evening. Hilda was a wonderful coach, please send your thoughts and prayers to her family, and to all the cheerleaders who's lives she touched. Rest in Peace
So sorry for your loss.
A Richmond cheer legend who deserves to be recognized for her dedication to cheerleading. The times that I did speak with her, she was always helpful. My prayers go to her cheer family
Wow! Rest in peace Hilda. Definitely a legend of Allstar cheer :( She will be missed terribly! My thoughts and prayers go out to Alliance Allstars a.k.a. Cheer Factory in Richmond Virginia and her entire family and friends. She will be missed.
Prayers and hugs to her family, friends and the Alliance/Cheer Factory program. May she rest in peace. Love, an All Star Legacy mom.
im so sorry<3 shes a legend. and has touched the lives of so many people, and made a whole new world of cheerleading. you rock<3!!!!!
Very sorry for her family and all those who knew her
This woman had some of the most creative and innovative routines in a time when squads didn't have full team tumbling skills. If anyone remembers the Q94 Rockers & Baby Q then you know what I mean. She was also responsible for Tuckahoe All Stars, and the first USA All Stars Juniors. Her contribution to industry will live on. RIP Hilda!
Thougths and prayers are with her family. I sat with her many moons ago at cheer competition and had a great conversation. It was only after we had left that I found out that I had been taking with a cheer legand. What a great lady!
I had the pleasure of many wonderful conversations with Hilda.
I remember someone posting a picture of her sewing her teams uniforms.
She certainly was a dedicated leader !
So sad to hear that Hilda has passed away. I love this sport so much and her Q94 rockers started it all. God bless you Hilda! Your legacy will live on in the millions of all star cheerleaders and coaches everywhere!
I'm so saddened to hear about the passing of Hilda McDaniel. She was such a wonderful lady. Always friendly and encouraging. She is truly an Allstar Cheer legend for the state of VA. Prayers go out to Cheer Factory/Alliance family.
As many of you may know, I served as Hilda's right had while coaching at Cheer Factory. I was standing beside her when she started making the calls that would lead to the creation of her own program, Cheer Factory. I am just stunned and saddened by all of the. Although I left the staff of CFA a year ago, inside my heart will always have a special place for the pink and green. It is not everyday that you get to watch the master while the create, and I was blessed to have that opportunity with Hilda. Thank you for all that you taught me! I love you and will neeeeever forget you.
Ginny Ellis
Coach, USA! Allstars
(Former coach, Cheer Factory)

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