All-Star Road To Worlds Story! National News

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That was a great story, and I loved the way the focused on the athleticism of the sport. Props to Starlets, I'll definitely be looking out for them this year! :)

The only part that really bugged me is when they were talking about the "cheer language" and they showed the wrong skills...
i have to admit that what happened at the end was very unexpected and i started crying, but it gave a very positive light on cheerleading and showed how much dedication we put in!
That is great!! .. I am sitting in bed watching it crying from the end. That must have been the worst feeling in the world. Really thought it it sent an awesome message tho!
ok so Im sitting here sobbing like a 50 year old menopausal women...god that just inspired me to never ever take what we all have the opportunity for granted cause regardless of your situation some one is always in your corner! cant wait to see them in april...they are my new Thailand <3