Should I Ask My Coach?

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i think that you should ask him/her. if you never ask, you will probably never learn. but dont be dissapointed if your coach says no because only 1 in 4 in the stunt group can do it. you should definately try new thingss! :) good luck.!
Anything you want, ask for it. If you ask, you might not get it, but if you never ask, you definitely won't get it!
Just ask in a polite and respectful way (no whining) You're coach might appreciate the fact you're willing to try something new
definitely ask, and like everyone else says - all they can do is say no and you know you tried!
if your gym has stunt clinics/flyer clinics you could also sign up for one of those! just to get your feel for flying
I would show my interest by getting in a flyer class or taking a few stunt privates. If you have guys at the gym who are just learning to stunt, most wouldn't mind having someone to practice with. And stretch, stretch, STRETCH! As a coach, when i'm evaluating athletes for flying positions, best flexibility and body control always trumps size.The added flexibility will improve your jumps and tumbling as well. Good luck!!
just say: i was curious if i could try flying! i really would like to try it! is that possible? but ask while your stunting or your coach may get mad!
you just like me! haha and yes ask your coach, it will make things better for sure, and at least you can say that you tried!
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