All-Star Small, Medium, And Large Teams?

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Apr 19, 2011
Can someone explain to me what the new division are about this year? Last year i was on a small senior limited coed 5 team, and this year my coach was talking about us either going medium or large. I thought it went limited, semi limited, and then unlimited so im not really understanding what their talking about. Right now be have 24 people on our team ( 21 girls and 3 boys) but im not sure if thats too many and if their thinking about cutting more people or not. So here are my questions to you:
How many girls can be on a medium coed team?
A large coed?
How many boys can be on a medium coed team?
A large coed?
What team are YOU on this season?
Will i be seeing YOU in Dallas?
I know that small coed is 20 kids max 4 boys
medium I believe is 30 kids max 6 boys
not sure about large..I know it is 36 not know the boy count
How will the combine divisions at comps this year if there is just one team in some of these divisions....for example- 3 small coed teams , 1 med coed, 1 large coed...I'm guessing they will combine the med and large. Just wondering because a few teams we went up against last season changed divisions and now we will be competing against fewer teams.

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