College So Is Anyone On Here In A Sorority And A Collegiate Cheer Team?? It That Hard?

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Mar 29, 2010
I was contemplating pledging a sorority as well but I'm also on my college's team and I feel like that would be too much work? What do you all think? Is it possible?
I cheered with quite a few girls who did both and at an SEC school we were SUPER busy ALL year around. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. :D
I cheered and was in a sorority 3 years and was captain and held a chair in our sorority the same year. We had 7 girls on my team that were all also in the same sorority. There were many times I had to miss sorority events for cheer (cheer came first), but I never regretted it, and our sorority was really good about excusing stuff for school athletes. Once your an active it becomes easier but I did miss a lot of my pledging events due to it being fall and an extremely busy cheer time of year! The biggest thing is time management, but its definitely doable and I highly recommend it! Both are a once in a lifetime experience that are amazing memories!
Busy busy busy...but the women from my sorority are some of my best friends a decade later. The cheer team? I only keep in touch with 2 people, guys.
I think it worked for me because I work best with a busy schedule. Down time makes me lazy!