So So Devastating. Prayers Being Sent All The Way To Taiwan.

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Jun 17, 2011
An article just shared on facebook, read:

"Taipei, Nov. 8 (CNA) Taiwan has suffered its first-ever cheerleading fatality after a university cheerleader died from injuries sustained in a fall while practicing a stunt at the school on Nov. 5, the police said Tuesday. The China University of Technology (CUT) student was injured as the team was practicing a basket toss, where three cheerleaders throw a person straight up into the air and catch the person on the way down. The 19-year-old Feng Shu-hui was thrown three meters into the air but, according to prosecutors, was not caught properly and struck her head on the gym floor, which was not covered by a safety mattress. She suffered massive head injuries, according to the police, and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment, but the hospital pronounced her dead on Monday. The university's chief secretary, Tien Yao-yuan, said the school was making efforts to calm students over the accident, including deciding to observe two minutes of silence in honor of Feng at its founding anniversary festivities on Nov. 13. Liao Chi-tsun, a Hsinchu district prosecutor who is leading an investigation into the accident, said Tuesday that the cheerleading team's coach, Lin Ching-hsiang, had been questioned over the girl's death and then released from custody on NT$50,000 bail. According to prosecutors, the coach speculated that the team may have not properly caught Feng because it was the first time it was practicing throwing her three meters in the air, rather than the normal 2.5 meters. They also said Lin testified that he simply failed to pay attention to the absence of the safety mattress. Wang Chun-chuan, director of the Ministry of Education's Physical Education Department, said Tuesday that "university authorities are certainly liable for the student's death," because the country has set certain regulations for cheerleading and similar activities. The rules require stunts practiced or performed by cheerleaders to go no higher than 3 meters, and a safety mattress must be used during practices, competitions or performances, Wang said. (By Huang Yen-yu, Lin Szu-yu, Hsu Chih-wei and Deborah Kuo)"

here's a link:
so devastating. prayers going out to the family of the cheerleader and to her friends and loved ones.
Prayers from LA
This breaks my heart. No one should die in our sport. It shouldn't happen.