Music Songs You Want The Untouchables To Remix

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Apr 6, 2011
PhatChat, BigRed, and Crimson are wondering, if there are any songs you want to them to "SLAP!" List any songs you want to hear us Remix! Don't dare us to do it.... Cause we'll KILL it!

This goes for other music companies also. I don't mind if other music companies post on my post, as long as they are civil and are helping the forum.

List any songs here people!
SlapFire, you did Black Ice's music right? whats the song at 1:12 (I like my beat so tight ______ on the floor tonight)
omg please use that in a Cali mix next year!!!!!! Im thinking Cali Smoed NCA mix.

We would have to do a more "Grown" version. though... I'll be sure that Tannaz and Eddie see this post! hehe. I love yall. I'm gonna miss yall once season kicks in! I'll be back on here a little bit, but I'll be "bringing home the bacon" once August really hitz! Crimson will be on here helping yall along with other Slapperz! Wanna take care of my People!
You should remix "Look At Me Now" ! that would be sick, w/ voiceovers, nd stufff! youd killl it
no air - jordan sparks and chris brown.. mixxed with .. fighting for air - FM (far east movement) .. idk if yall can make it sound hot as a dance mixx :p