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Dec 14, 2009
what a phenomenal program! their senior 2 team (virtuoso) was so flawless this weekend at cheersport! these girls on the sr2 team, are the sweetest. my team and theres were making friends and constantly saying good luck! also, from what i've heard (didn't get to watch) all their other teams are just as amazing!

keep it up sparks!
The whole program is awesome! They have really stepped up their level 5's in the past few years and Superstars are definitely a contender for making it to finals at Worlds.
i definitely think sparks is one of the most up and coming gyms in the country. this year they have dominated at all of their competitions, and their athletes are generally very respectful and sportsman-like. Their coaches are awesome too, I met two of them when I visited sparks last fall, and they were absolutely amazing people, so positive about their athletes and about cheering in general. Their choreography is amazing, stunts are sooooooooo fierce, and they just bring the house down.

Great group of people, really caring about the person they are making as well. In general, such a great gym, I see such a big future for them, they are shaking things up in New England!
i stayed at the marriotand met people from sparks on the senior 2 and junior teams and we were all stunting in the lower level and they were sooooo nice and fun to hang out with we kept seeing them and were like heyyyyyyyyyyy u r at my hotel
sparks has been around for 7 years now. this is there 2nd year with a sr. coed 5 team but i think its their 3rd year with a level 5 team
I believe that's correct. I believe Maven (Junior Coed 5 at the time) attended Worlds in 2009. Then Superstars was created last season and they went to Worlds 2010, and now this would be their 3rd season attending Worlds again!
I love Sparks! <3 Superstars and Novas are the bomb! And so is their junior 5 team! They had so many kids do so you think you can tumble at Cheersport and they were all amazing!
Love Sparks ever since they competed against my CP in Junior 5 at CS last year! Their dance was fierce and the kids were some of the nicest at the competition!