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Dec 18, 2009
Has anyone ever thought about getting sponsors to help paying for cheerleading? Some gyms tuition is crazy expensive....well everything seems expensive now that im in college haha! Or what other things do people do to help pay for cheer?!
My husband coaches college baseball and his team sits down and writes "sponsorship" letters to everyone and anyone they know. I think each guy has to supply 25 names and addresses. The letter basically tells about the program, the costs involved, and what any money donated would go towards. We did something similar to this for my cp's last year and sent it to family and friends. We started with what teams they made, the costs involved, the benefits of all-star cheerleading and dance and then explained that the money donated would go towards comp fees, uniforms, etc. Some may think it's "begging" for money, but we didn't think so. We knew that our close friends and family would rather donate outright, then be asked 45,000 times to buy a candle/raffle ticket/car wash, etc. Good luck!