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Nov 6, 2023
Im back again with yet another injury that i have no idea how to fix/ how to reluve the pain. I am a alll star cheer leader and we were doing front walkover, roundoff, backhandspring tuck. well i did a good front walkover as i was getting up my hip popped. Not onlly id it pop i felt my whole body shake. I feel like there is an crazy amount of air/pressure built in my hip right now. I have popped it like 2 times already and every time i go for a new skill it hurts even more the more times i've done it. Is this normal, has this happend to anyone. Thank you so much.!! BTW this is all in one night. And my him feels swollen but like from the inside if that makes sense?
Hip pain could still be coming from the lower back. It's time to see a Dr.
You need a doctor, honey. We could all make guesses for you on what's wrong, but you need a professional who is trained to examine you and has the ability to offer you treatment to fix it.