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Dec 14, 2009
I found some mystic ish fabric today and wanted to make a sports bra out of it. Does anyone know a website or videos to teach me how to make one or anyone that could help me over skyper or something/ Anything helps Thanks!
Just wondering every found the answer to this question. I dont want to buy the instructions as Im sure they must be somewhere for free.

But whenever I google all it comes up with is 'how to make a sports bra out of mens boxers' hahaha
I just searched youtube for "how to make a sports bra" and got the same video about how to make one out of mens underwear you have,
Although that woman is slightly freaky, the actual idea isnt bad...i doubt it would work well for cheer, but....it is pretty impressive LOL
I am left wondering how anyone ever realised you could make a sports bra out of mens underwear though...