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Jan 5, 2011
We only had one sr on our SR 2 team. A 16 year old guy. The majority of our team was 9-11 year old girls. We had an awesome season. Came in second at Nationals by .06. Our coaches are amazing!
Anybody else have a really young Sr team?
We only have one team at our gym- next year we might move up to Sr Level 3 but then we would be coed. Scary!!!!
What are your thoughts?
Why cant you stay senior 2?

I was on a junior level 2 and a senior 3 coed! by the way, my junior 2 was actually harder (for me and alot of of other girls/boys who crossed over) my junior 2 team did win cheersport grand nationals, jamfest super nationals, glcc grand nationals and alot of other comps. my senior team did win..but not jamfest (had a major issue day 1) or cheersport. at cheersport, we would of if we didnt get a 1opt deduction day one( illegal pyramid!) But my senior 3 coed was amazing too!!

How many years have you gone level 2?

Will you be going large or small??

If girls/boys who will be on the senior 3 coed team have the skill..then yes, you should go 3. But if not..stay 2!! Because, any level, majority of your team needs to have tumbling..running and standing. Our senior 3 coed last year was young..along with our senior 4 coed this year.and our senior 3 coed this year is gonna be young too. but we still do fine!! Last year, we went coed for one boy..he is 9! He is an amazing flyer, tumbler and everything. We had 7,8 and 9 year olds last year and this year. We've gone up against teams with like ten 17 year old boys, and won!! But we did have the skill and everything. Age really doesnt matter at level 3...but you should have 3 skills if your gonna go 3!

By the way, which gym are you from? Just wondering:)
Not open for further replies.