All-Star Ssx Voiceovers...meaning To Post!!

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The voice over he is referring to i think is at the end of the pyramid going into dance its says something like "grab a glass of orange juice and then X it out" or something of that nature.
"here's a glass of orange juice let's go X it out"
I like it! I am a fan of both teams, I think it was just done out of fun like a lot of similar voiceovers are.
ya i agree i think it's totally fine just part of the fun
i loved it and not only because i'm a known ssx fan:) i also love orange and i thought the voiceover was tastefully done.
i dont think its a big deal, and a lot of people didnt even notice it was there. its kind of hard to hear, all i can make out is glass of orange juice
I think it's fun. They didn't attack another team, just poked at them a little :)

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