All-Star standing double fulls

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Mar 31, 2010
im just wondering about what do you guys think of them and what all teams got noticed at worlds besides top gun for having one in there routine
Cheerforce coed black did one at the very end of the routine day two, I dont think he landed though!
But after all the happened, I guess he figured, why not?
georgia had one in their routine this year

i know TG ahd more people on the team that has them
i think they are great to see..
Cali coed's Cameron did one at amer.grand this yr.

I cant wait to see the first girl compete it at a big nationals and worlds.. i think the girl from cali all stars sr. elite (sm all girl) is the first to compete 1.5 at a competition before?

i knew a few teams with girls on them that might be competing them.

we all know Whit Love has one!
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