All-Star Standing Tuck Issues Every Few Months

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May 21, 2010
Has anyone else had this problem and how do you avoid it.?
I have had my standing tuck solid and high with great form since I was 12-13 last yr at try outs i obviously had a good one and hit all my level 4 skills to make level 4. well through out the season, first insummer , then late fall I became very inconsistant it almost seemed like i was undercutting or not setting high enough, we noticed every time i grew even 1/2 a inch I had this same problem, now it appears my growing must have slowed down because im able to hit them again like im known for. just curious if anyone else went through this and if this is common when you go through growing spurts? Last may I was 5'3 1/2 and now im 5'5 1/2 its driving me nuts
my cp went through it. lost ALL of her tumbling. i think she's over the growth spurt now because she's back to working on fulls and her tuck is WAY higher now than it was before. she hasn't gotten her standing tuck back but she's working on it.
Yeah, middle school was really hard for me cause I grew to 6 feet lol
From what I understand its pretty common, a lot of kids have issues with tumbling when they randomly have a growth spurt, ya just gotta learn to work with your new body. Keep working, it'll come to you:)
Every time you grow or gain/ lose weight your body has to re-adjust to these changes. Your body is use to tumbling a certain weight and height. Just keep practicing and throwing your skills and your body and muscle memory will pick up.