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Sep 16, 2010
Hey kiddos!
So I am currently at boarding school, and due to being a new trimester student last trimester, I was forced to give up cheerleading. Now that I am a second trimester student, they said if I want to re-start cheerleading, I need to submit and persuasive essay, convincing them why I should be able to rejoin cheerleading. One of the reason I am including is that cheerleading is a form of therapy, and if the other kids are aloud to go to therapy, why am I not aloud to go to cheerleading. So what I need from you guys are some facts about cheerleading, and/or somethings that would convince him that cheerleading is really what I need.

Thanks guys!
I'm not sure that is a point (therapy) you would want to phrase that way. Instead you could say that "cheerleading is a positive outlet for emotions good and bad, and a way to relax" because seeing a certified doctor is not the same as going to cheer practice.
There are so many emotional aspects you could go off of. Cheerleading is:
  • A good way to make new friends
  • A great for of exercise
  • A way to build confidence
  • A sport that teaches teamwork, perseverance, goal setting, and a hard work ethic
  • A way for an athlete to support their school
I don't know when exactly I read this, but in American Cheerleader awhile ago it talked about cheerleaders having collectively one of the highest GPA's in the country.
There are dozens of good things about cheerleading. But what's going to win them is your paper. Try to sound super professional. Take the offensive, not the defensive.
Well, you could look up a statistic or two, or 100, about exercise being a huge factor in fighting depression and other psych issues.
Watch your word usage for sure. Aloud is when you speak something out loud. Allowed is when you are granted permission to do something. Words have meanings and I'm sure those in charge will probably appreciate a well-written piece. Good luck!!
Sorry about the grammar misusage, lol. I am in a rush, I am not suppose to be on websites such as these right now :eek:
Because cheerleading can lead to furthering your education! If you are good, you can potentially get scholarships to great schools furthering you chances in life. (Schools will like that one) All of the practices and events will also help you multi-task and use time wisely which will help prepare you for college. Maybe say that you would like to take the initiative to be a leader amongst your peers, and as a cheerleader you can be a role model. I also think it wouldnt be a terrible idea to mention that it drives and motivates you since it is your passion. It is something that means the most to you and you will do anything in order to keep it in your life.
Sorry about the grammar misusage, lol. I am in a rush, I am not suppose to be on websites such as these right now :eek:

Then if they check your internet usage and see that you're not following the rules....they're not very likely to give you what you want.