All-Star Stingrays Server Just Crashed!

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Dec 15, 2009
So the teams were to be announced at 8PM Eastern Time and now the site is down because too many folks were on at the same time LOL. I hear big changes are to be announced. Any lucky person got in to see the teams yet? My fingers still hurt from hitting refresh too much during Worlds :-(
it has been down for a while...i went to look about 20 min ago...maybe they are updating it or something *crosses fingers*
Hahaha I was just going to post this! Those GA moms must be going crazy right now :rolleyes:. Good luck @Level5Mom !
Does anyone know what division Amber will be? Large senior? I'm so excited! Looks like it will be another amazing season for Rays.

I was drawing their logo on my notebooks all day since I was so anxious to see the tryout results. I'm not affiliated with, nor do I ever compete with them... Is that bad? :)
I abused my power on here a bit. I will take it off Fierce in about 30 minutes. It was the only server powerful enough in cheer to handle all those cheer parents. Amber is not SO5, ps. It is a Worlds team.