All-Star Supportive Things Your Parent/ Coach Has Said.

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Nov 3, 2010
My mom was doing the back of my hair for a party I was going to on Saturday and I was watching worlds videos on VOD and she asked me why I didn't like high school cheer as much as all-star. I told her why and she said "I know you've always liked to be challenged so that's why I'm supportive of you in whatever you do." I don't know why, but that just made me more driven knowing I have full support of my mom.

What have your parents or coaches said to you?
Coach couldn't make it to our last competition in Chicago because there was a Walk For the Cure dedicated to his sister who had died of breast cancer about 2 months prior that very same day of our comp. Coach was devistated and apologizing like crazy at the very end of our last practice. But right before we left, he huddled us up and told us:

You girls have been my entire life for the past eight months. We had a really rough season...but we've gotten past all the obstacles. But you know what? I didn't make you do it. I can't make you go out there and hit your routine. It's all you girls. I've just been supervising. But you know, I've learned more than you even KNOW from you girls. It's been such a blessing to coach you all and know that I will be on the phone with coach Andrew the millisecond your routine finishes because trust me, you guys will be the only thing on my mind.

I love you coach Jono. <3
One of my coaches told me that I am their favorite athlete.

He said that he hasn't ever met anyone with a love for cheerleading like me. He has basically taught all the things I know now about cheerleading. He really makes me feel so appreciated. He always tells me that even if every one of my coaches were to turn on me that he'd be there for me. This is the best coach I've had in a long time.

And to think I started off not liking him one bit! :)
Before I would go down for warmups at every competition, I would call my mom. I will try to keep it as PG as possible, but she basically said "You are one sexy "mama" and you are gonna "wow" those judges so bad their heads will be spinning. Go make them boys wish you were theirs". There, I think that is Fierceboard appropriate.

She is from New Jersey, what can you do?
My mom who isn't very cheer crazy once said "Although I may not truly understand or even love this, I love you enough to support you" It truly made me appreciate her even more. She never grew up with cheerleading since she was raised in a different country, but it made me so happy to know that she would always be there for me.
I sprained my acl at a competition and I was so stressed out. My coach messaged me and said "it'll all be ight" and those simple words are literally what got me through what I felt was like the end of the world:)
This isn't personally about me, but about the owner of my gym. I have never seen someone who can talk to those girls the way she does and get them to do those skills. She knows how to switch tactics in a heartbeat for each kid. Whether she has to be hard on them, treat them like their 5, joke about doing it, or just sits with them to have a quick chat....she gets them to do it. It truly is amazing to see her work with everyone. I know so many of the kids look up to her and completely respect her.
I had a tramautizing fall around a year ago, Permanently damaging my back- I've now developed arthritis, herniated, fractured, inflamed and collapsed vertabrae/discs in my back. The doctor came in and said "I'm sorry to tell you this, But you must quit cheer. If you don't... You have less than a 5% chance of being able to walk past age 40." I looked at my mother and broke into tears- I mean what was I to think, I was almost certain she'd say I had to quit.
We got in the car and she said 'You love cheer don't you?' without a second thought I said yes. And she said 'Then forget it. Stay with it. I'll support you, And I'll know we both made the right choice about this when you make a Worlds division team and get first place.'
Not only encouraging that she supports what I want, but the fact that she was so confident in saying it'd be worth it when I had my national championship title from Worlds... Was and to this day is indescribable. When I feel a mental block coming, I remember that and tell myself 'If your mom can see you at Worlds... You're coaches must too. Push yourself- Do it for Worlds.' It's amazing to know I have people around me that are so confident in my ability.
one of the sweetest things a coach has ever told about me is the year after I went to college at my sister's end of year banquet the coach said something about how I was a good backspot and that my sister was like me [it went something like that]
it meant so much because she was no longer my coach and that she still thought about me and said good things I find very sweet and shows how much she cares whether you are still cheering there or not.

also at my senior year banquet the team always gets awards [like most improved, loudest, etc.] my coach gave me the wildcat award which if i remember correctly its like mvp type of thing and i totally did not think i would receive that award with all the other great girls on my team.
Whenever I would be flipping out about my bhs and my mom said that she believed the tumbling guy believed and my coach believed and I needed to believe in myself.
My coach told me over the summer
"Audrey, you tumble really well so stop insulting yourself," for some reason it gave me so much confidence.
I have what is called hydrocephalus which causes poor muscle tone. I am now very close to my backhandspring with the boost of confidence from that comment.