All-Star Switch Up And Tic Toc ?

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Jan 23, 2010
Sooo this question might appear a little dumb buut i recently read somebody saying a TicToc would be much more difficult then a Switch Up...
I wondered what the difference is? I do know the Terms Tic Toc (switching legs while going up), Powerpress Tictoc and Standing Tictoc but i have no idea which of those is also called Switch Up...soo pleaaaase sbd explain it to me ;)
At our gym, switch up means starting with the left foot in, and switching to the right foot right as they reach the I'm guessing this would most likely line up with what you guys refer to as a tic-toc.
Tick Tocks have been around a long time (before I started cheering). People were doing those in the 90's. Those are done in the air and when you switch feet.

I made up the switch up in 07. You start with your left foot loaded in, pull a body position on the way up (stretch or lib) and switch feet at the top. Although I referred to it as an express up back then, but 6 one way, half a dozen the other.
In my book....
switch up: starting with one foot (left, unless later switching legs again in the stunt) loaded in and the other on the ground, then pushing off and switching legs during the time from the ground to the top of the stunt....a.k.a express up

tic toc: switching legs after already in the stunt, either from and extended position with just a slight pop or from extended position with a power press
okay thinking about it now the term Switch Up makes way more sense then the one we use , oh well our language is kinda confusing sometimes even for us ;)