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Apr 23, 2011
I'm leaving my current gym this year & going to a different one for MANY REASONS going on at the gym I am currently at. I'm really nervous about it & scared on how it will be for me making new friends considering the fact that i can be really shy! My Also main concern is what will pol say about me when they see me next year at comps..will they call me a trader or what? What do you think...should I stay at my current gym for another year or leave?
if your not happy where you are you should leave. it may be hard to make new friends but im sure youll be able to do it. i went through the same thing about 2 years ago, im shy too but i eventually got to know people and now some of them are my best friends. and as far as what people on your old team will think, as long as you leave on good terms and be friendly to them they shouldnt have any issues with you
I think you have to do what's best for your cheer career. Because cheering is such a team sport you'll likely make new friends fast, esp. with the people in your stunt group. And yes, people might call you a traitor, but if you leave kindly and quietly, most people will leave you alone. Why wait another year if you're going to do it eventually. Hopefully you'll be able stay friends with thte people from your old gym
I think it will be easy to make friends. I know my cp's stunt group had 2 new girls in it and they are all friends. If you feel like you can fix the relationship I would atleast try. Maybe once you leave send them a private message letting them know why you left.
When I came to CA, I didn't know ANYONE. At my first practice, i sorta started to get to know my team by talking when were waiting to tumble, and when were stunting I would talk to my bases. It's no where as near as scary as you think! Just remember: Don't be fake. No one will like you.
Yahh Im kind of nervous too starting a new gym possibly next year... I get kind of shy sometimes but I think it will be ok.
this was exactly what i was like when i left my gym! i was in a 1st year gym that was going anywhere at the time & i wasn't happy with many things with the gym so i had thought about leaving but i was too scared & nervous. my mom emailed the coach of the gym i wanted to go to & he had me come in to jump into one of the practices (since it was over the summer) to see if i liked it & to see what i wanted to do. i went in not knowing anyone but i made a lot of friends just stretching in a circle everyone was so nice & introduced themselves which allowed me to open up & introduce myself to others too. after that i decided to go to that gym & leave my other one & i left on a pretty good note with the team. unfortunately my old coach from the gym i left was my school gym teacher & she was pretty immature about it & made some comments about it to people but i just tried to not let it bother me (& i'm sure that's not your situation so don't worry hahaa). i have some friends still from the team & they're very supportive & have come to watch me at competitions both our gyms have been at & vice versa. although there may be those who will play the trader card it's about your personal happiness. if you leave & people do say that kind of stuff to/about you make it your reason to work hard. some people did give me a hard time about it since we were all in the same school system & they wanted to start drama but i can honestly say it was one of the best decisions i've made even though i was hesitant like you are right now. i know i wouldn't be where i am right now skill wise without the coaches i have now & i'm soo happy with the gym i'm at. so don't worry about anything/body else just try to leave on a good note. go with your gut, do what makes you happy, & stand by your decision! good luck:)
09-10 season I was at a gym that I hated. No one wanted to be there, and everyone from my team left except for one girl. The only people who started to complain were the owners saying that other gyms "stole" there girls and ect, ect, then trying to bribe them back on the team. There's no point in being miserable a whole season at a gym you don't like, but then again it's not okay to be unloyal to a team and quit mid-season.
I watched when we switched gyms last season and my cp just talked to the other athletes waiting to tumble or waiting to get on the trampoline or whatever. If she saw someone do a really great pass, she would compliment their skill. She didn't have a tee on from the new gym so people usually would approach her and ask where she cheered before and welcome her to the "family." Within just a couple of weeks she had some great new friends!
Im cheering for Brandon Allstars this coming up season. Your cheering years should be fun and exciting...not worrying about all the DRAMA and such. Im leaving my gym too for various reasons. One being DRAMA. Your not alone. You WILL make friends. Just how you made friends wherever you cheer now.:)
All of your answers are alot of help! I guess I can say I will official be a RAY!(;
I used to cheer at this one gym, it wasn't for me... I was SO shy!! I barely had friends on the team and I didn't have fun at practices. It was actually this past summer, and I quit and in November I switched over to CNY Storm and now I am so happy! The cheerleaders are amazing, everyones so nice and I enjoy going to practices. In my old gym, my flyer was really mean and bossy, and in my new gym no one is like that. In the end, its really about your happiness and what's right for your cheer career. That's what my coaches, family and friends constantly tell me. When I see my old gym at competitons, I smile and wave at my old teammates and wish them luck. At first, they were pretty mad, but they got over it with time and now I hang out with some of my old cheer friends at comps. It's all about your happiness.
When I left my old gym, there was some commotion about it, but it'll blow over quickly. I am also insanely shy and I made friends pretty fast! And don't be scared, just make yourself look intimidating(;
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