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Dec 28, 2010
Im 5 10, and I was just wondering how other tall girls found learning tumbling, especially ones with open body positions, such as BHS...

I started gym when I was little, but was always told Id be to tall to get anywhere with it, so then found cheer was my niche, and that being tall helped me with stunting (my strong point by far) but my tumbles have never been very strong. Just wondering if anyones had similar difficulties, or if Im just using this as an excuse, and I just need to man up and gain more muscles? :)
This is me exactly. My coaches call me the ultimate backspot because I'm so tall. I do feel that sometimes it would be easier to tumble if I were shorter, but theres no changing what you've got.
I'm 5 10 as well and Height really isn't a major problem it actually makes your tumbling look pretty and long. The only down fall is, have enough space for passes and you have to work at your core muscles because they have pull/carry those long heavy legs. On the other side since you have long legs you also have stronger and longer leg muscles which really help you with power. Also being tall helps with aerial flips likes standing tucks and running tuck and layouts because you really don't have to worry about getting a good height just mainly form and core. daughter's nemesis--height (she's 5'8"). She didn't start cheer until she was 14 (she's almost 17 now). She is a great base/backspot, but she really struggles with tumbling. She's been working really hard at it, but I agree--I think the height is a definite disadvantage. Any tips from you tall tumblers out there would be greatly appreciated!
This thread basically defined my life...nice to know i'm not the only one! I didn't start cheer until i was 15, and I'm somewhere between 5'6" and 5'7"...and i just can't tumble! When i was young and in gymnastics i was a short little stick and tumbling came easy...but now being tall and "old", i think is a definite disadvantage.
ahhh its SO nice to know its not just me :)
Yehh, Im not doing fulls, but I know its easyer for tall people to twist, whereas its easyer for short people to flip
Any tips would be greatly appreciated too
One of my daughter's best friends was on Cali Sm Sr a few years ago. She's at least 5' 10" and is one of the most beautiful tumblers I have ever watched. Her layouts and fulls just seem to float through the air. Her height made her tumbling "pretty and long" just like hotTOPIC mentioned above.
I just watched the video, and yeh I see her, shes really good, so clean and neat :)
This has inspired me that there is hope, it is possible
But here's my question--are these tumblers you guys are pointing out people who've been tumbling all their lives? because it seems if you started when you were small, and THEN got tall that makes a world of difference. I've seen lots of "less tall" girls say they started cheer when they were teens and they're doing fulls after only 2 years or so, but never ones who are late starters AND tall.

So maybe it's the combination of starting at a later age AND having the height already?
My cp is close to 5'9" and doesn't seem to have any trouble because of her height. It does seem that every time she grows and inch or so she struggles with her doubles, but once she gets used to the add'l height its no problem. Also, like mentioned above her tumbling is so pretty to watch because of those long straight legs.
yehh, could well be.
I think if you start young, although you have the problem of growth spurs to go through, it might be easier, becuase your body is just used to it,
Its often easier to learn to tumble when your young, but stuntings hard, and then it swaps round as you get older, definitely true for the teams I help coach and the Sr team Im on....
Well I'm a guy, 5'11" and the only difference I've noticed in my height is that I can't fit as many skills down a panel or in a cross as my shorter teammates. But I still have the skill set. lol. It does suck sometimes when I'm limited to a lesser amount of skills for a pass. It makes creating a unique pass even harder.
Tall Tumbler = Toni from SS and Whitney from KE.

Do you mean Whitney Love? I don't know how tall she is exactly, but I will say that I took a picture of her and my sister at Cheersport and she was definitely shorter than my 5'1 1/2 sister...From videos I expected her to be taller but she wasn't