College Team Usa Fundraiser (maine)

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Apr 8, 2010
Hello fierceboard:) This is Amanda, I have been on Team USA since it began in 2009. I have to raise some money for the team, and so if anyone on here is from Maine, I am reaching out to you. I will be hosting a speech/ presentation night talking about my experience and what being an ICU World Champion means to me. I started out as an elite-level gymnast where I made it my one life goal to compete for the United States. Then I transitioned from gymnast turned cheerleader, to hardcore cheerleader, helped my all-star team become the first from the state to go to Cheerleading Worlds, then made the first ever US Cheerleading team, was asked to be the captain, competed in the World Cup against 50 countries, and won gold.... and got to repeat the experience last year, and get to compete for the United States again this year. Becoming a World Champion, competing for the US on an International Level truly was my dream- and I accomplished it... and not a lot of people can say they reached their dream! So I will be talking about my journey, and going into more detail about what it means to me. If anyone wants more information about it, reply to this thread or e-mail me- [email protected]... Thank you!​