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Sep 9, 2010
anybody have any finished they wanna post? mine will be done in a couple days and ill post it. skills part is finished, i am just depending on the kindness of strangers to edit it for me.
BEAST! Love the double rewind at the end :)
I really liked how you showed your stunting with several different flyers, it shows your versatility and that you have solid technique-not just good timing with one partner.
Good luck, you'd have my vote!
here is the one i was gonna submit. most of the tumbling and stunting is old though and just decided not to double for most of the tumbling.
Was this a rule for co-ed or not. didn't you have to apply with like your "stunt group" or was that just for ag?
Hello Michael, My daughter is Bethany Jackson, aka BJ. Flops' partner :) I have her tryout vid, I'll see if she'll let me post it. It is up on you tube.
ive seen it, good stuff. hello bethanys mom, we might possibly have met in daytona.
I believe we did, love that competition and I also enjoy meeting Alumni who are still passionate about the sport and the GREAT SFA Family concept. She hasnt heard anything yet, lol I'm sure I'll post news here if she does!
Great News today...Bethany and her stunt partner got their invite to the live tryouts..Round 2 of Team USA here they come!

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