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Nov 4, 2010
Hello all! The deadline for submitting your Team USA application is closing in (November 15th, 2010). Last year, the All Girl and Coed teams both won Gold at the ICU World Championship! Here's your opportunity to be on the BEST team in the world.

Basic information you might want to know about the application process:

-You must be 18 by January 1st, 201. There is no maximum age limit.
- The application fee is only $10 per person.
- Coed cheerleaders tryout individually.
-All Girl cheerleaders tryout as a stunt group of 4.
- You must submit a video with your application (Show your best stunts, tumbling, and baskets). No need for music, sound effects, or special effects.
- Team USA Coaches will extend invitations to the live tryouts based on the video applications
- Live tryout locations/dates: January 7th in Dallas, Texas and January 17th in Orlando, Florida.

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