All-Star Teammates Dating?

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Mar 10, 2011
I've heard of teammates that are on the same coed team and they're dating. What do you think about this? I personally feel like its not the best idea. If they're on the same team and they break up, it might make things awkward or there may be some feuding. I understand if they're in the same program, but I don't like the idea of teammates dating. What do you think?
We had a couple who actually stunted together in the routine! When they broke up is was hard cause they still had to stunt together. And when he dropped her at competition.... It got nasty! The parents started to get involved but then the coach fixed everything by telling them that if they didnt get over it they wouldnt be on the team. So generally i think its a bad idea lol!! But sometimes it could work out
It's happened on my team (two couples). Thankfully both the couples were mature enough to leave their issues off the mat. During practice it was as if nothing had happened. I think overall it's not a good idea because not everyone is as mature as the couples I mentioned.

Smart, no. Cute, yes!
Not good. A nasty breakup can cause major drama and tesnion on the team! And it would be pretty awkward if they broke up and stunted together or anything like that.
I feel like it's something you can't really control. People can talk without being "official" and try to keep it a secret or whatever. I think you can have similar situations with girls getting in fights with each other. I've seen both happen and you just hope people are mature enough to leave it at the door when coming to practice. If not the coach needs to let them know that sort of drama won't be tolerated at practice.