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Dec 15, 2009
A few chatters wanted a simpler system for knowing if FierceChat was open and for people to get notification. We chatted about it (I know--how appropriate) and came up with the "Chatsignal" to help. Here's how it works (until @kingston comes up with a better solution for us):

1. Everyone use this thread
2. Anyone who wants notifcation click on "Watch Thread" in the upper left corner and then decide if you want e-mail notification whenever anyone posts (I recommend yes so that you can get notification even if you are not logged in to Fierceboard)
3. Anyone who starts a chat post in this thread. It will send notifications to anyone who checked that option and will bump to the top of Allstar
4. If you see someone post and want to spread the word, post "Fiercechat" on Twitter/Facebook or like this thread and it will automatically post for you

Alright, have fun. . .chat is up
Hrmmm. Interesting. Ill see what I can do about this.

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What are the odds that there might actually be a response from Slapfire when you flash the "Chatsignal"?