All-Star The Thread To Congratulate F5!!!!!!!

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Do you think they should have won

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Apr 9, 2011
This thread is to congratulate Maryland Twisters F5's win at worlds in a long time or ever so please make nice comments to congratulate them:D

i have been waiting soooooo long for them to win worlds!!!!!!
yay!!!! im am so happy for them they rly deserved it!:)
do u happen to know the placements for the rest of the division?
they overcame a lot of struggles this season... but were able to triumph in the end. congratulations f5, this win has been a long time coming! you girls are so incredibly talented and inspirational.
Okay, when I first joined allstar cheer back in 2006, I started at a tiny little gym in Maryland. No one had ever heard of us, our best team was a Senior 3, and basically, we weren't the best. The first competition I ever went to, I was lucky enough to watch F5 compete. Oh my God. Ever since that moment, the divas have been my rolemodels and my inspiration. Hearing about their win today literally made me happier than I've been in a long time. I'm so proud of them, it's crazy. They've worked so hard, and now they're the ones to own the throne. :) (Haha, do I sound like a cheer mom yet?)

Congratulations to the Ladies of F5 (Maryland Twister's Program) this has been a long time coming. All your blood, sweat, tears, injuries old and new team members & HARD WORK has paid off! Congrats to you all! ENJOY IT!
I like that next year every front runner will go into the season with athletes on it that have won worlds. They worked it out this weekend and brought their A-game. We should have seen this coming after last week! Congrats F5!
Awesome work F5! Cannot imagine what it feels like to have those rings :)