All-Star This Coach Needs An Award In This Video For Most Energetic! Looove It!!

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can't believe she didn't dislocate something
Those two (her and the guy wearing the "03" shirt) are like that at each and every competition I've seen them at. I'll leave it at that.
I like how they spend the first half freaking out, pause for about 10 seconds of breath, and then continue on for the rest of the routine in a similar manner. Especially how the guy in the 03 shirt is banging the stage and hopping off to the right. So funny.
From the Wiki:
01/30/2011 - East Coast Championships
Full: 2 | Partial: 0 | At Large: 6 - VA
Full: FAME Allstars Celebrities (Semi Limited), USA Allstars M80's (Small Limited)
At Large: All Star Legacy (Large Limited), Dream Extreme (Small Senior), Island X-Treme (Intl'l Coed 5), USA Allstars Alliance (Small Senior), USA Allstars Most Wanted (Int'l Coed 5)