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Nov 10, 2010
So now that the college cheer season is in full swing, what are your guys predictions about some of the big rivalries?

1. UofL vs OSU (Large coed)
2. UofL vs OSU (Small Coed I)
3. TVCC vs Navarro (JC)
4. HPU vs Valdosta (Small Coed II)

Any others?
My picks:

1. UofL
2. UofL
3. Navarro
4. HPU (I think they have the talent, but it'll be interesting to see what happens with the coaching shake up)
1. Louisville and OSU are so close in talent I can't decide until I see the routines. I would love to see Louisville take it back though.
2. Louisville
3. Navarro but it will be interesting to see what TVCC brings to the mat after missing nationals last year.
4. HPU (i want to see them take back the title so so much)
Louisville! I love them.

Navarro is dominant, I don't think TVCC stands a chance.

And HPU, eh, I don't really care for them.
here are my predictions...
Junior college-Navarro
Large Coed IA-OSU
Small coed IA-Louisville
Large Coed I-SFA
Small Coed I-UTA
Large CoedII-HPU(9 claps <3)
Small Coed II-HPU is gonna make a tremendous comeback just wait and see!
UCA College Nationals
Division IA: Kentucky vs. UCF or Alabama
Division I: Morehead St. vs. Delaware
Division II: West Gergia vs. Columbus St.
Junior College: Sheldon St. Wallace St.
All Girl I: Morehead st. Memphis
All Girl II: West Georgia vs. Slippery Rock
Small Coed I: Hofstra vs. George Mason
Small Coed II: Columbus St. vs. Southern Indiana
I wish there was a "Super Nationals" for College! The winners of UCA then go head to head with the winners at that would be a show!!!
If we are adding in UCA I see Morehead State allgirl continuing to go head to head with IU all girl now that Tony Nash is their coach. You can tell that Tony has worked with those girls a lot because they look so much better now then in years past.
How about the 1st annual National Acrobats and Tumbling Association Competition? I'm taking University of Maryland over University of Oregon Ducks!
Ive heard rumors that HPU is only bringing there large coed team this year...anyone heard anything different?
But Mine is
1. Coed IA- toss up between Tech, OSU, and Uof L ( i honestly cant pick, they were so even last year)
2. All Girl IA-UofL
3. Ju Co-Navarro
4. Coed I- SFA
5. Small IA- OSU
6. Small I- SFA
OSU has it again. Yes Navarro is amazing but itll be close between tvcc like it ALWAYS has.. HPU will take it this year like they should of last year in small.